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Norwich City Council welcomes petitions and recognises they are one way in which people can let us know their concerns.

Petitions must relate to a function of the council and can be submitted in paper (hard copy) format or as an e-petition (an online petition).

All petitions sent or presented to the council will receive an acknowledgement within 10 working days of receipt.  This will set out what we plan to do with the petition.

Paper petitions can be sent to the council's democratic services manager at the below address (you can view paper petitions received by the council under the 'All closed petitions' section):

Democratic services manager
Norwich City Council
City Hall
t: 01603 212416

To create, submit or sign an e-petition, please click on the appropriate link to the side of this page.  

For all live e-petitions and to view actions and responses to all closed petitions (including paper copies), please see lists below.


Live e-petitions

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All closed petitions

Today I witnessed a terrible accident in the play area at Chapelfield Ga

Sponsor: Miss Hannah English

Starts: 30/07/12

Ends: 29/09/12

Current signature count: 73


Norwich City Council response:

Chapelfield Gardens play area is one of the most heavily used in the city and in the previous three years there have been only two reported incidents.



Every piece of equipment can pose different challenges for children of different abilities, and there is a role to be played by the adult supervising the child to assess this, and manage the risks within a site accordingly.

All the equipment the city council installs complies with the latest British Standard safety requirements relating to play equipment. This includes a safety space which must be provided around each activity. To erect a fence within a play area will introduce a new 'hazard' into a safety space and require equipment to be removed from the play area to enable this to happen. Operational safety inspections are carried out daily and an independent safety inspection is done every six months to ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose.
 The National Playing Fields Association publication 'Best Play' states one of objective of play facilities being 'the provision of play that manages the balance between the need to offer risk and the need to keep children safe from harm.' If play is 'safe' it will not provide the experiences which are recognised as being important in the development of a child.

The County Council wishes to put a bus lane on the city end of Dereham R

Sponsor: Miss Lorna Smart

Starts: 15/10/11

Ends: 14/01/12

Current signature count: 11


This petition has now closed.  The petition will be forwarded to Norfolk County Council to be included as part of the formal consultation on the Dereham Road – Bus Rapid Transport scheme. Further details are available on the Norfolk County Council’s website:-

The Norwich Highways Agency committee will consider a report on the outcome of the consultation at its meeting on 22 March 2012. Further details about the committee meeting can be obtained by contacting Jackie Rodger, senior committee officer, tel. 01603 212033 or email: 

The residents in this "close" would like permission to park in

Sponsor: Mrs sally hunt

Starts: 09/09/11

Ends: 08/03/12

Current signature count: 1

We, the undersigned, as local residents and users of Wensum Lodge are to

Sponsor: Ms Lesley Grahame

Starts: 26/08/11

Ends: 30/09/11

Current signature count: 54


This petition has now closed.  The petition will be considered during the creation of the site allocations pre-submission document.

Rejected petitions

In early March 2011 the Government plans to make changes to student visa le

Sponsor: Anonymous

Rejected Reason:

This petition has been rejected because it is not a function of the council.



Over the last few years the cost of a weekly bus ticket has risen from £16

Sponsor: Mr Joe Wilson

Rejected Reason:

This petition has been rejected because it is not the responsibility of this council. 

The petitioner has been recommended to submit the petition to Norfolk County Council.  

AXE the Bedroom TAX

Sponsor: Miss Dawn Slater

Rejected Reason:

This petition has been rejected because it is not a function of the council (as per email previously sent to you).

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